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Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce (BRATECC) is devoted to fostering business and friendship among American and Brazilian companies. This is accomplished by providing access to business leaders, reliable business partners, opinion makers and networking opportunities.

BRATECC keeps you informed about current events and prepared to seize new opportunities and increase your competitive edge.

In Memoriam

George J. Donnelly (1938-2019)

"Our Cofounder and Honorary Vice President, George James Donnelly, passed away suddenly on Thursday, the 23rd of May 2019, at his home in Houston.

On behalf of everyone at BRATECC l Brazil- Texas Chamber of Commerce, we express our heartfelt condolences to Mr. George J. Donnelly’s family at this time.

We at BRATECC l Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce are deeply grateful for Mr. George J. Donnelly’s strong support as cofounder and as an active contributor of this Chamber throughout the eighteen plus years since its inception.

George was above all an extraordinary human being, and we acknowledge and appreciate his association with this Chamber of Commerce.

Here at this link you can read his Obituary Note, offer Memorial Contributions and know a little more about his extraordinary personality.”

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