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Ulisses Sperandio

Ulisses Sperandio

Ulisses is the Former President of BRATECC (Dec. 2019 to Feb. 2023) and a Board Member since 2011. He is devoted to broadening BRATECC scope and industries beyond the E&P Oil & Gas business increasing the volume of trade between Texas & Brazil.

Ulisses is also a consultant for the O&G and has experience in the Marketing & Sales of Services & Products used in the Drilling & Completion of O&G wells. Having served in several Marketing and Sales Managerial positions in Schlumberger for the past 35 years. His last positions where Global Account Director and Global Sales Coach & Trainer Mgr., where he managed major O&G accounts for 6 years and trained over 2000 people in 3 years.

Ulisses is a firm believer in value based technology that lower risks and costs and increase clients revenues

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